Main Course

MeNasina saaru (Pepper Curry)

As soon as my mom hears me saying I made meNasina saaru today for lunch/dinner, she asks if we are doing okay or if any one of us is sick. We usually prepare this when we have a sore throat or a bad cold. Its a very powerful remedy. But I like to have this anytime especially when I am back from work on a  rainy day or in winter. Having meNasina saaru with hot rice on a rainy day is heaven for me and its a very easy recipe too.


Split urad dhal- ¾ Tbsp

Pepper corns- ½-¾ Tsp

Shredded coconut- ½ cup

Curry leaves- 3 to 4

Jaggery-¼ Tsp

Ghee- 2 Tsp

Seasoning- Mustard seeds or cumin seeds, asafetida

Salt – To taste


Dry roast urad dal and pepper corns till they turn golden brown.  Grind shredded coconut, urad dal and pepper corns to fine paste. Bring this paste to boil adding sufficient amount of water, add curry leaves, jaggery and salt.  Allow it to boil for a few more minutes.

Heat ghee in a seasoning pan, add mustard seeds or cumin seeds, allow it to sputter. Then add asafetida and mix this seasoning to the curry before serving with rice.