Corn chaat


Corn kernels- 2 cups (cooked, canned or frozen, if  frozen make sure to cook according to the instructions on the package and cool it completely before using them in the chat)

Tomato- 1 chopped

Onion- 1 chopped

Coriander/cilantro- 8 to 9 strands chopped

Sev- 0 size, ½ cup

Spicy roasted peanuts- ¼ cup (optional)

Juice of half lemon

Red chilli powder– ¼ tsp

Chaat masala- ¼ tsp

Salt – To taste


Mix all the above ingredients in a bowl except sev.  Sprinkle sev just before serving, so that it remains crisp and crunchy.


30 thoughts on “Corn chaat

  1. Corn and peas in the freezer can be real life savers, not to mention frozen green chutney! This sure is a tongue tickling and healthy snack, and a real quick one to dish up.. thanks for visiting my blog!!

  2. hi..thanx for visiting palate corner..ur comments r highly happy to follow u..luv this chat as well as thai noodles..offlate im getting nostalgic over thai food..bookmarked !

  3. I am a huge fan of corn and that sure looks delicious. Thanks for visitng my blog and you have a wonderful space here. I can definitely relate to Bele Saaru and sure can have a bowful of it now!

  4. Hi Deepti…,
    First time i m across ur space….. Awesome recipes u hav been updating… Keep going… Completely fallen in love with ur space and awaiting fro new varaities of recipes… 🙂
    Kushala Jeer

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