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Cake Pops

Cake pops

Cake balls, cake pops or cakesicles are terribly cute and fun to make. The mixing of the cake crumb with frosting into rounds and then covering them with delightfully crisp outer shell of chocolate coating or any other candy coating makes a very sweet confection… What I love about cake pops is how creative you can be from using different dipping flavors to covering them with sparkling sugar, edible pearls, candy sprinkles or glitters….

Original recipe can be found here

I have baked a 9 inch vanilla cake, used fluffy white frosting for binding and plain milk chocolate for coating the crumbs. This was exclusively baked for my son 🙂

Cake popsCake pops

Used two different colors for cake crumbs

Cake pops 4-IMG_7856

Coated with plain milk chocolate and dipped them in sprinkles and sparkling sugar.

Cake popsCake pops