Cooking for me is very stimulating. It combines equal portions art, science and adventure! Every new dish I prepare is like a journey of discovery which I feel like sharing with others, and hence this blog.

I’ve always loved cooking, first with my mother and then since marriage, with my mother-in-law. Both of them have taught me many of the dishes I’ve cooked and also encouraged my interest in learning about these dishes. While my mother’s cooking was mainly from south Karnataka, my mother-in-law’s is from the coast, mainly the Udupi/Kundapura region.

Since moving to the US, I’ve also been exposed to many other cuisines from around the world. Trying them at home, and making them a success has been a very satisfying experience.

I’ve modified many of the recipes that I’ve come across, either to make them vegetarian, or to make them easier to make, or even to make them more flavorful. Sometimes for all three!

I hope you find something you like in my blog. Do try these recipes and let me know if you like them.

26 thoughts on “About

  1. snsudhee says:

    we appriciate your creativeness. Just keep it up & help society. It helps the people in so many ways. They can experiment to prepare good & tasty food.
    It gives confidence,saves time & money
    S.N.Sudheendra & Meera

  2. Bhargavi says:

    Hi deepti,

    Nice blog. u seem to have become a great chef. I ll definitely try the rasmalai they look so tempting.
    and for the rest of the recepies I am coming directly to ur home.


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