Peanut Sesame Laddu


Great healthy snack especially during winter for everyone! 


1 cup peanuts

1/2 cup sesame seeds

1 cup jaggery, crushed


In a heavy bottom pan, roast peanuts on medium low flame and keep stirring to ensure it gets roasted evenly. You are looking for light golden brown color with nutty aroma. Once done, transfer to a bowl/plate to cool it down.

In the same pan, roast sesame seeds until it starts to pop. Set aside in a separate bowl/plate. Once both are cooled, rub the peanuts between your palms to eliminate the skin. This step is optional. 

Pulse the peanuts and sesame seeds separately in a blender. (Pulse in the blender couple of times for few seconds to ensure they form fine powder). Remove and keep it aside.

Pulse crushed jaggery for few seconds and add both sesame seed powder and peanut powder into the blender and give it one final pulse.

Transfer to a mixing bowl, mix well and roll to small laddus.


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