Kesar Peda


Soft unsweetened khoya-1.10 lb or 500gms (store-bought)

Powdered Sugar- 0.44 lb or 200gms

cardamom – 1tsp

saffron -12 to 15 strands

milk – 1 tbsp


Heat 1 tbsp of milk in a microwave safe bowl for 15 seconds and add the saffron strands and keep aside.

saffron strands in milk

Crumble the khoya  and mix it with powdered sugar in a nonstick pan on medium heat.

kesar peda

Keep stirring until it forms a thick mass (approx 7-8 minutes)  Add cardamom powder.

kesar peda

Then add the milk along with the strands and mix well. Turn off the heat. Any of these two methods could be followed :

1:If cutting them into squares or diamond shape-Grease a heatproof plate with 1/4 tsp ghee or clarified butter, spread the mixture and cut them into desired shapes when warm.

2: If making them into round shape-Let the mixture cool for few minutes. Make them into small 1-2 inch rounds with your hands (by pinching 1-2 inch mixture from the lump and gently rolling them in between your palms), when they are still warm.

Garnish with few pistachios and saffron strands and serve.

Kesar peda



20 thoughts on “Kesar Peda

    • Well, using paneer will yield you a different sweet called kalakand 🙂 and the process varies. Pedas are excusively made of khoya or khoa (which are thickened form of milk and you can try buying them in any indian store). Khoya can be prepared at home too (very simple but time consuming).

  1. Deepti, what a very pretty and interesting treat of a dessert – I had never heard of the ingredient khoya and I love to visit blogs and learn about new ingredients and recipes. Wonderful recipe, great pictures, thank you for posting and for visiting my blog and leaving such a kind comment!

    • Thanks Andrea! Khoya is prepared by thickening the milk by heating in an open iron pan. Its has array of uses especially in indian sweets. Many people prefer to buy as the process of making khoya is laborious and time consuming…

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