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Simple peanut noodles

Simple peanut noodles

I have always seen my mom cooking with lentils, vegetables and curry powder until I left India 8 years back. Even though she used to cook varieties of food from different parts of India it was never with chinese food, Italian pasta or Singapore noodles. I bet during the time we were growing we weren’t having so many international markets, restaurants as we do today in India. Being in the US for all these years I have enjoyed myself cooking not only Indian food but also different cuisines from the world. This is one type of food which I learnt after coming here and love making it often. Peanut sauce is always available in the grocery store, but I am pretty sure you wont be disappointed by trying this simple peanut sauce made freshly at home!


2 cups- Broccoli

1 cup- shredded cabbage

1 cup- sliced carrots

8oz- linguine or spaghetti

For sauce:

3 Tbsp- peanut butter

2 tbsp- soy sauce

1 tbsp- lime juice

1 tbsp- sesame oil

1-2 garlic cloves, minced

Crushed red chili flakes, according to your spice level

Cilantro and bean sprouts for garnishing


Bring 4-6 quarts of water to boil adding little salt. Once it starts boiling, In a colander, add the chopped veggies and immerse in water and cook it for a minute or two.


They have to be little tender yet a bit crispy. Remove the colander from water, drain all the water and keep aside. Add the linguine or spaghetti to the water and cook according to the instructions on the packet.


Meanwhile place all the sauce ingredients in a bowl and mix well by adding 3-4 tbsp of water. Adjust the spiciness according to your taste.

Peanut sauce

Once the pasta is cooked. In a large wok, add them with veggies and give it a quick stir. Add the sauce all over the pasta and mix well. Add 1 tbsp of soy sauce and salt to taste. Garnish with cilantro and bean sprouts and serve hot!

peanut noodles


12 thoughts on “Simple peanut noodles

  1. I have not had this kind of noodles for years…love the recipe Deepti…and I will be making this soon since the weather is warming up…
    Enjoy your week 🙂

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