I am sending this Bengali sweet to PJ who is hosting this event  which was started by Nivedita from Nivedita’s kitchen




Whole milk or 2% reduced fat milk -8cups

Lemon Juice– ¼ cup

Sugar-2½ cups

Cheese cloth/muslin cloth

Water-61/2 cups

*Sugar needs to be adjusted according to individuals taste.

To make Paneer:

Bring 8 cups of milk to boil.  Use a heavy bottom pan so as to avoid burning of the milk. Cook on medium heat.

Stir occasionally, once the milk comes to boil dilute ¼ cup of  lemon juice in little water and add slowly into the milk and stir the content.

Milk starts curdling. Turn off the heat when paneer gets separated from the whey and strain the whey from paneer using a cheese cloth or muslin cloth.

Run cold water under paneer for few minutes and remove excess of water by squeezing gently.

Tie the muslin cloth/ cheese cloth tightly so as to remove all the water content and hang it for an hour for the moisture to drain.

Make sure to remove as much as water as you can. To check if the paneer is ready, take a small piece and rub it with your palm, it should not stick to your palm and you should be able to make a smooth ball. This is the most critical step in making rasgullas or rasmalais. Remove the paneer from the cloth and knead softly, make it into round balls.

To make Rasgullas:

Add 61/2 cups  of water into the pressure cooker and 2½ cups of sugar. Heat it until all sugar dissolves and allow it to boil for 3-4 minutes. Add the paneer and pressure cook for 9-10 minutes.

Make sure there is enough space for the paneer to bloat. Once cooked, the paneer doubles in size.

Cool them down and refrigerate for few hours before serving.


27 thoughts on “Rasgulla

  1. what a fab attempt at making these rasgullas. i have tried them too, but my first attempt led to a disaster. its only the second time i got them right. ur’s looks perfectly done!

  2. Radhika says:

    I am sorry if I have missed this information. How many rasgullas can be made from this recipe? The recipe looks worth trying.

  3. PJ says:

    Hi deepti,there is an award for u in my blog - collect it.

    If u are interested u can send this recipe to bengali sweets event going on in my blog

  4. hi
    i am a newly married gal my Hus loves rassgulla like any thing, i really want to prepare it for him and i tried to also but the paneer was not getting binded, so is it necessary to add mida in a small proportion for binding? please help

    • Deepti says:

      Hey Radhika,

      First of all Congratulations on your wedding!
      When you are done making paneer, remove all the excess water and tie the paneer in the cloth tightly and hang it for an hour. This is the most critical step in making rasgulla. Make sure all the water is drained. Then remove the paneer from the cloth and knead it gently on a flat surface for few minutes. This step should definitely allow you to make paneer balls without breaking.
      To test it, take a small piece in your fingers and try to make a small ball kneading it first. If it still breaks then knead it for few more minutes and continue making the balls.
      Do not add maida as it will ruin the taste of rasgullas.

      All the best!

  5. lopa says:


    i generally use low fat milk n from that milk only i made rasgullas.

    but the taste was bit different for the market rasgulla .is it because of the type of milk i used.

    rest every thing was perfect,size,shape and softness.

    i am newly married and at my home my mother used give me all the ingredients to make rasgulla.

    but here i am getting confused which milk should i use.

    • Glad to know you tried this recipe. I usually use whole milk or 2% reduced fat milk, have nver tried with low fat milk. Try using whole milk and see if there is any difference.

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  7. marry says:

    what should i do when i put my rasgulla in sugar water after a minute they just flattered in it why is that so please tell, thanks

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