Godhi Halwa (Wheat Halwa)


Sugar-1 cup
Whole wheat grains (or broken wheat)- 1 cup
Water for soaking-3 cups
Ghee or clarified butter -½cup


Soak the whole wheat grains in the water overnight or 2-3 hours if using  broken wheat.

Grind the mixture using a blender for a couple of minutes and strain to separate out the liquid and the solid. Take the solid and mix it with 1 cup of water and strain again to collect more concentrated liquid.

Keep this liquid aside for half an hour.  Water separates and forms a layer on top which should be drained carefully without disturbing the thick liquid at the bottom. This step fastens the process of making the sweet.

Add sugar to the liquid and heat the mixture in a low flame. Keep stirring until it is a bit more than semi liquid or halwa consistency (approximately 15-20 minutes).

Note that the entire heating process should be done in a low flame. In between check to see if the sugar is in the right proportion. Also, add the clarified butter during the process. In fact, for this preparation the sugar and clarified butter can be added at any stage while it is cooking.

It is ready when it becomes as thick as dough. Pour it onto a greasy flat plate, and spread it evenly. Once it has cooled, it won’t be sticky and can be cut into pieces. Garnish with raisins, cashews or almonds if desired.


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